At Wimboldsley, our priority is to develop children’s confidence, enjoyment and ability in reading, writing and communication. To excel in English, our children will need a secure knowledge of reading and writing. Fundamentally, we believe that spoken language underpins the development of reading and writing; consequently, we take every opportunity to improve our children's spoken grammar and syntax. We will provide all our children with depth, breadth and ambition in their learning – ensuring that our curriculum is well sequenced and builds on knowledge and skills gained as children progress through the school. Reading is our passion at William Stockton, and because of this, we promote a love of reading, drama and writing whereby children want to read, write and perform spontaneously with enjoyment. We strive for our children to develop a passion for English to aid their life skills and enable them to become lifelong learners. Reading, writing and spoken language are at the heart of our school’s curriculum. 

We believe that fluency in the English language is an essential foundation for success in all subjects and therefore we develop pupils’ spoken language, listening skills, reading, writing and vocabulary as these are integral aspects of the teaching of every subject. Interwoven through all areas of the curriculum is a drive to support children as they develop confidence and fluency in using a varied vocabulary in a wide range of contexts; including ‘multi-contextual’ and subject specific vocabulary.




I have been a proud leader of literacy at Wimboldsley for numerous years, with a particular passion for the teaching of phonics.  I have worked for the Local Authority over the past few years moderating Key Stage 1 reading and writing across Cheshire West Primary Schools. This has allowed me to share good practice across the federation and work with experienced colleagues to drive and improve the teaching of literacy. Allowing children access to high quality text is vital to improving standards and we have worked hard to drive the importance of being life long readers. As English lead it is a delight to visit classroom, listening to children read, reading their writing and watching 

We have a well organised English curriculum that provides many purposeful opportunities for reading, writing and discussion with clear progression.  We use high quality resources such as Little Wandle Letters and Sounds and The Literacy Company ‘Pathways to write’ to structure the delivery of our curriculum.

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