Rewards and Behaviour

Rewards and Behaviour at Wimboldsley

Everyone at Wimboldsley Primary School has very high expectations and standards when it comes to behaviour. Every class follows the 'GOOD TO BE GREEN' system throughout the school day and children are aware of what is expected of them at all times.



The children are rewarded in a variety of ways in all aspects of their school day.

Children can be rewarded for a wide range of things they do - work, attitude, manners and improvements.

Here are some of the ways your child is rewarded in school:

- Verbal praise

- Written comments on work (tickled pink and green for growth)

- Team Points (when a child joins our school they are allocated a team RED, BLUE, GREEN or YELLOW)

- Stickers from class teacher

- Stickers from Head Teacher

- Head Teacher Certificates

- Well Done Awards 


Well done awards can be achieved for absolutely anything!
So, do your best, be polite, look to improve, respect others, be neat, act in the right way, always listen, be resilient, be positive, and work together. 
How they work –
10 WELL DONE awards = 1 GOLD CARD
Once a gold card has been awarded the well done awards are thrown away and the gold card is kept.
Once a gold badge has been awarded the 4 gold cards will be taken away.
After the Blue badge
Children can earn BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD LEARNER ROSETTES. These work in the same way every 4 GOLD CARDS is a ROSETTE.



People Smart  - respecting and helping others around our school
Word Smart - excelling in written or spoken language - English or French
Art Smart - producing excellence in art and design
Number Smart - excellence with numbers
Self Smart - always ready to learn and setting an example to peers
Nature Smart - looking after our environment - inside and outside the classroom
Body Smart - for sporting excellence, team work and fair play
Music Smart - for musical expertise and resilience 

The school holds an assembly at the end of the school week to celebrate particular children who have achieved a Head Teachers Certificate. They are spoken about in assembly by their class teacher and applauded by the school. Here we also highlight individuals for being polite and they receive a sticker. Within this assembly the whole school celebrates the team of the week (who receive extra playtime) and the best class for attendance (who receive a treat at the end of the half term that the class decides together).




The GOOD TO BE GREEN behaviour system is consistent throughout the whole school. EVERYDAY the children start the day on a GREEN CARD. If their behaviour is deemed unacceptable then they are issued a WARNING, if the behaviour continues or another behaviour deemed unacceptable is displayed then they will be asked to turn their card to YELLOW. Likewise, if behaviours continue then a RED CARD will be issued. If a RED CARD is given, then a letter will be sent home with the child explaining why and the behaviours will be recorded in the BEHAVIOUR BOOK.

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